Thursday, August 13, 2009


I would like to Welcome and Commend the following new clients of Phase 1 of our new Fitness Coaching Series!

  1. Cathy Holladay
  2. Becky Meason
  3. Tracie Steele
  4. Melanie Derks
  5. Jessica Clements
  6. Karee Gonzalez
  7. Paige Hopkins

I have 3 spots left. I will close the challenge Friday at midnight. So get in while I am still giving this crazy prize away!

For those of you who are ready to put the work in to really achieve your goals - I will be posting Step 1 of Phase 1 next. Re-read the rules and get me what I need asap! Also, don't forget to post on the FB page (ours) and our Blog for 1 extra point. Remember - you must get all 20 points to get your reward! You get 1 point for e-mailing me directly the completed step and then a second point for posting your completed task specifics on FB AND on the Blog. You must do both!

Those of you who have commited should get ready to achieve some serious results over the next few months based on the work you are getting ready to put in!

Here we exciting! :o)

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Stephanie R. said...

Great job you guys getting in!!! You all are very very lucky to be able to get such great information and tools to help you reach your goals! You have a wonderful support system at Core to say the least and I am so excited for everyone and can't wait to see the transformations!!! :o)