Thursday, August 13, 2009


Step 1:

Trying to achieve your goals without writing them down and looking at them each day is like trying to get to a small town 1000 miles away that you don’t know the name of and have never been to, without a map, navigation or directions. You can make some assumptions and stop and ask for help along the way, but unless you have a clear vision, specific directions and a source that you continue to use for guidance daily – you will either never get there, you will end up there by accident or you will get there one day a long time from your start….maybe. You will probably travel a long time, down a lot of roads, make a lot of seriously wrong turns and get very distracted and discouraged along the way. Does that sound like any way to reach a destination that you really want to get to and actually enjoy the journey along the way? Probably not. Zig Ziglar puts it perfectly by asking, “How could you possibly hit a target that you can’t even see?”


In this step numbers are critical. In order to achieve true success you must have goal check points along the way. You can’t have a check point if you do not have a goal that you can measure in some way. I also want you to let your deepest desires surface here. Don’t worry – we will set realistic deadlines for them later – so dream big for the mid and long term goals! The smaller one will come more quickly and the bigger ones can not be reached without achieving the smaller ones as stepping stones – here’s why: Remember that - "The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get." – Jim Rohn

If you ultimately want to lose 100lbs or run a full marathon, first you must be able to lose 5lbs or walk 1 mile. “The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Step 1:
Set Specific & Measurable Short Term and Long Term Goals

(Don’t worry about exact timelines yet. Just set realistic goals you can achieve in 30 days, 90 days and 1 Year.)

30 Day: Lose 10lbs
90 Day: Lose 15% Body Fat (You can choose a 6 month goal instead of 90 days if you’d like.)
1 Year: Run the Boston Marathon in 9:30 a mile or less.

1 Point = Email me all 3 goals very specific, very measureable goals
1 Point = Post all three specific, measurable goals on our Face Book and our Blog for accountability from our fitness community.

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Jessica said...

Is this how you mean by posting on the blog? If so, I'd have to list my goals as 1) Lose 10 pounds in 30 days, 2) Lose 7% body fat in 6 months, and 3) Drop 20 pounds total and run 4 miles 3x weekly in a year. Yep...think that will work for me! :-)

Chef said...
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Mels said...

Phase 1 Goal Setting!!

30 days: Lose 10 pounds. This won't be all of my "migraine weight" but most of it!!

120 days: Run a 10K. I don't have a specific time my goal will be to jog the whole thing (no walking)

Little less than 1 year: Run the Austin 1/2 marathon. Again,i want to jog it not walk any!!!

jenholtbama said...

Here is my Step 1: (thought I already posted it???)
Short Term Goal: (30-45 Days)
Run 6 miles
Bike 10 miles
Kayak 5 miles

Mid-Term Goal: (90-120 Days)
Finish the Huntsville Hammer Adventure Race on November 14, 2009
Beat the other G&K Services participants (11/14/09)

Long Term Goal: (1 Year)
Participate in another Adventure Race

tsteele said...

30-45 day goal (lose 8 lbs, lose 8 inches, complete 12 min mile in 30 days)

tsteele said...

90 -120 ( lose 20 lbs, lose 10% body fat, complete 5k in susan G. Komen or similar) in 90 days

long term 1 year (lose 40 lbs, lose total of 20 inches overall, have a BMI within standard ranges for height/weight/age/gender)

tsteele said...

Step 2#
30-45 days (consume 1200-1300 calories on days I do not exercise, work out 45-75 minutes 5-6 times a week, consume no more than 1700 days I do exerciser)

tsteele said...

Step 2 90-120 days ( continue with menu plan and exercise as 30-45 and make necessary changes as needed)

Step 2 1 year (continue with menue plan and exercise as 30-45 with necessary changes as needed)